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Tips, tricks and hints on how to keep your dog from jumping.
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Jumping :: Tips

The use of spray bottles for dog training is a common approach that can be applied to a jumping puppy as well. Fill a clean spray bottle with 50 percent water and 50 percent vinegar and place it by the front door.

When you come home, grab the bottle and cast a mist into the air between you and your doggie. Your doggie will be detered by the cold wet smell and will calm down.

Give them all the love you'd like once all their paws are all on the floor.
When you come home ignore your doggie until all four paws are on the floor. There are many ways to achieve this goal. Here are a couple suggestions:

  • Tell your doggie to sit and neither of you move until he remains at stay for at least 5 seconds. Likewise, if he is crated, do not let him out until he has calmed down.

  • Refocus your doggie's energy. A basket of toys at the door. When you come home throw one or two toys to him. He will learn to be excited by his toys not by visitors.

Remember though that dogs jump to make eye contact and they love to play, so orchestrate your approach accordingly.
Does your puppy jump? To correct the issue, we must understand why puppies jump.

  • First of all, eye contact is one of the primary means for dogs to communicate. From the floor your doggie's eyes cannot meet yours -- so they jump.

  • Secondly, puppies love to play. When puppies jump we tend to push them down. This action is translated into play and encourages the continued behavior.


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