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Tips, tricks and hints for caring for your doggie's coat.
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Coats :: Tips

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For silky smooth skin and coat, apply a non-oily intense hydrating treatment to your doggie after bathing him. Natural humectant extracts moisturize and add vital nutrients to his coat.
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Does your doggie have think hair or a heavy undercoat? An undercoat rake removes tangles and thins out the excess fur.

  • You will need to purchase an undercoat rake. Metal with a double row of teeth works best on coarse fur.

  • The yard is the best place for grooming your dog as it is easy to clean yet comfortable for your doggie. Leash your doggie if he is jumpy.

  • Hold the rake against your doggie's coat at a 45 degree angle. Do not hold the rake straight up or parallel with his body.

  • Gently rake in a firm motion following the contours of your dog's body. The rump and the upper leg tend to be the thickest.

  • Continue until all loose undercoat hair has been removed. Repeat daily until your doggie’s excess fur has been removed.
A discharge from the eyes, is natural for dogs. On lightly colored fur, however, the tears can stain creating an unattactractive red-brown mark on the fur around their eyes. You can, however, fight the tear stains. Here are some tips:

  • Identify the cause of the staining. Most commonly, it stems from an eye irritation -- an eyelash, debri or other items touching the eye.

  • Evaluate your doggie's diet. Excessive grain in your doggie's diet can contribute to tear staining.

  • Flush your doggie's eyes with an eye wash. To make the solution, dissolve 1/4 tsp of boric acid in about half a cup of boiling water. Let it cool. Wet a cotton ball with the solution, then gently wipe the stained area two or three times a day. Stored unused solution in the week for no more than one week.

  • Ask your vet about the use an antibiotic food supplement.
Clipper burn is an irritation that shows up a day or two after dog grooming when their hair is shaved too close or on dogs with sensitive skin. The irritation causes the dog to scratch which in turn creates hot spots -- weepy oozing sores. Hot spots can also occur when shampoo is not adequately removed from the dog's skin.

Clippers can also cause clipper burn. Built up heat from friction of the clippers can occur if the blades are not clean or not properly oiled. Clipper abrasion, scratching of the skin, can occur from misaligned blades, improper angle used or from dirty or dull blades.

To combat clipper burn:
  • Ensure your doggie's groomers has a clean environment and the groomers are well trained.
  • Request that your dog be wet shaved to help the clipper glide through your doggie's fur.
  • After grooming, keep your doggie from scratching. Applying baby powder, benadryl cream, or emu oil can relieve the itch.
  • To combat hot spots, dry them up with a medicated powder such as Gold Bond.


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