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Tips, tricks and hints for healthy teeth.
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Teeth :: Tips

Teeth                     Toothpaste
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Is your dog in need of a good teeth cleaning? Consider brushing his teeth. There are some good mint or meat-flavored toothpaste on the market but it is just as easy to make your own.

Doggie Toothpaste: Mix equal parts baking soda and salt. Add just enough water to moisten.
Although dry dog food, rubber toys and rawhides can slow down tartar build-up, brushing can prevent doggie cavities, gum diseases and tooth decay.

  • Set a routine -- at least three times a week. A time of the day when your doggie is calm and relaxed is ideal.

  • Use a dog toothbrush as they have softer bristles and are specially angled. For dogs under 30 pounds, try a finger brush.

  • Use dog toothpaste as human toothpaste can upset your doggie's stomach.

  • For the first brushes, ensure your doggie is comfortable. Kneel or sit with him.

  • To get him used to the feel, gently rub your finger along your doggie's upper gums and teeth. This will help her get used to the feel of something against her teeth.

  • Add a little toothpaste to your fingertip. Let your dogge taste the toothpaste.

  • Begin brushing when your doggie is comfortable with both the brush and the paste. Lift up his upper lip. Angle the brush at a 45 degree angle and rotate the bristles at the gum line making small circles.

  • Light bleeding may occur. If bleeding is ongoing or heavy speak to your veterinarian.

  • Brush a few teeth at a time, working up to more each day. Starting on the outsides of the canine and back teeth will be easier. Keep the environment a pleasurable one. Talk to your dog. Reassure him.

  • Reward your doggie after each session.



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