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Odor                         EmptyDoggieData

Tips, tricks and hints for addressing a smelly doggie.
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Odor :: Tips

Does your doggie smell bad? For simple doggy odor, use a deodorizing dog shampoo and don't be afraid of multiple baths if more than one is needed. See your veterinarian for strong, strange smells as there can be a problem with the ears, mouth, feet or anal glands.
Has your doggie been sprayed by a skunk? Remedies like vinegar or tomato juice simply mask the odor. Skunk spray is oily and its sulfur content causes the smell. To remove the odor, try this process to break up the oil.

Preparation: Set up a dog bath outdoors or in an airid area such as a garage. Don protective gloves. Apply a small strip of eye lubricant or 1-2 drops of mineral oil to your dog's eyes to protect your dog from splashes.

Solution: In the plastic container, combine 1 quart hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 to 2 teaspoons of liquid soap. Add lukewarm water if needed (for larger dogs). Mix ingredients well. The solution will fizz, as a chemical reaction is occurring. Use immediately - do not store.

Wash: Do not soak your dog with water prior to bathing. Promptly begin cleansing the affected areas thoroughly, massaging the solution deep into your dog's coat. You may wish to use a sponge or washcloth. Avoid getting the solution in the eyes, ears or mouth.

Rinse: Allow the solution to remain on your dog for at least five minutes.
Rinse your dog well with lukewarm water. Repeat until odor is gone.

Dry your doggie and give him a treat!

The trick is to act quickly. The longer the spray has to soak into your doggie's fur, the more difficult it is to remove.


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