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Tips, tricks and hints for matching a doggie to your lifestyle.
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Lifestyle :: Tips

Working dogs, mostly big dog breeds -- English Greyhound, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Newfoundland, Siberian Husky, Cocker Spaniel, Doberman Pinscher, Border Collie, American Pit Bull Terriers, Akita Inu, English Mastiff, English Bulldogs -- are recognized by their muscular bodies, keen sense of smell and eyesight. These big dogs are truly men's best friends because they have been helping human in many ways since many centuries ago.

Guard Dogs - Protecting private and public properties.

Police Dogs - Tracking or immobilizing criminals.

Detection Dogs - Detecting illegal substances.

Assistance Dogs - Helping people with disability(such as blind).

Herding Dogs - Guarding or controlling the flocks and herds.

Sled Dogs - Transporting supplies in rugged, snowy terrain.

Search Dogs - Locating people that are missing

Rescue Dogs - Assisting people in difficult situations

Hunting Dogs - Finding, tracking, and retrieving game.

If you are looking for a doggie that love to cuddle and are eager to please, then you should consider a Companions Dog. Typically, these dogs are small breeds. They love to attract attention from people and to be recognized for their accomplishments. Companion dogs are also called Toy Dogs or Lap Dogs.

These dogs, tend to be protective of their family. As such they require intensive training and socialization at a young age. Most popular Companion Dogs include:

Beagle: A member of the Hound group, the beagle has a strong sense of sight and smell. A great dog for tracking game.

Bichon Frise: The Bichon Frise is gentle mannered, sensitive, playful and affectionate.

Boston Terrier: An ancestor the the French Bulldog, the Bosto Terrier has a friendly personality and is always eager to please.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: The highly affectionate, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the largest toy breed.

Chihuahua: Named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, it is the smallest of all the dog breeds. The chihuahua might not be too good with children.

Havanese: The Havanese is a playful, friendly, clever and active small dog breed that was behaved with children and other pets. It likes to gain attention from the owner by running around or play some tricks. It is not shy with new people.

Lhasa Apso: The Lhasa Apso has a keen sense of hearing and is great for alerting strangers.

Maltese: Know for their long silky white hair, the maltese is believed to be a hypoallergenic breed and one of the only small dogs that does not shed. The maltese is a fearless dog that socializes well.

Papillon: Energetic and intelligent, the Papillon is a small, friendly, elegant breed of dog.

Pekingese: Originating from China, the Pekingese has the look of "small lion".

Pomeranian: Friendly, playful and active, the Pomeranian is intelligent and easily trainable.

Pug: Nicknamed the "Mini Mastiff", the pug is a sociable dog -- getting along well with most other pets.

Shih Tzu: Recognized by its silky white hair, one of the oldest known small dogs breeds is the Shitzu.

Yorkshire Terrier: Believed to by hypoallergenic, the Yorkshire Terrier has high energy and some people might find it hard to train.


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