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Tips, hints and tricks on getting helping your doggie with surgeries.
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Surgery :: Tips

Water therapy is known to work muscles and assist in recovery from surgeries, injuries as well as weight loss. It provides non-weight bearing activities that remove stresses and strains of exercising on hard ground. Aging dogs can benefit as well from their arthritic joints and old bones with the warm water therapy.
Why should you spay or neuter your doggie?

Spaying and neutering (or altering) are surgical procedures that prevent animals from reproducing. Spaying is hte surgical removal of uterus and ovaries in females; neutering is the surgical removal of testicles for males. These operations are important and can prolong the life of your doggie.

  • Overpopulation
  • Health Benefits
  • Behavioral Benefits

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Is your doggie having surgery?

Whether it is a spay or neuter or another type of surgery, your vet will send your doggie home with a gigantic plastic cone -- a classic Elizabethan collar designed to prevent your dog from licking a wound, aggravating a hot spot, tearing out his surgical stitches, or removing a bandage. Most dogs a miserable while wearing the classic e-collar. They crash into furniture and doorways because they lack peripheral visibility. They have difficulty eating and drinking because the cone gets in the way of their food dish. And they trip when walking because the cone gets stuck in the carpet.

You can make the experience a little better by purchasing your own e-collar. There are many alternatives that offer your doggie greater comfort, better mobility, and improved visibility. While a modern e-collar will not mask the pain associated with surgery, it will make your doggie’s recovery more comfortable.


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